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Best of WordPlay:  

WWW = World Wide W'air   -Aarbid

Michael Jordan's Shoes: Neek W'air !   - MissLebanon

Who is the star of the tv show Dallas?: J.W'aiR.   -smokin

Repondez S'il Vouz Plait: W'air.S.V.P   -smokin

On which airlines are you flying: 3ala ayya W'airlines msefar?   -Aarbid

I know you from somewhere: W'Airemember you now!   -Chummy

Dont street with me : w'air mat sheri3ni   -fa7il

I am scared of spiders: W'airachnophobia   -smokin

Ireland : W'Air landa   -airlanda

(In a w'airodynamics class) [w'air]˛= [w x air]˛ : -W'air keef jebta ya 2estez ?   -gharmouleh

I have a flat tire: nfakhat el chanmbre a w'AIR   -ayour

Rocket-Propelled-Grenade: W'air Beh Geh   -neeckname

é w-air : of course   -aires...

They fucked you: W'airteenak   -kar

Who is That? W'air maniakoun haza  -Elie C

PC Problem: w'air tallat w3ataneh air-ror   -abolhood

Aktar film m2ayar bel 3alam: W'AIRmagadon   -BreaZeR el M2ayar

Zut!!!: W'air bi 7azzeh!!!   -Bouli

A guy called 3aref is missing: wen 3aref? w'air bel 3arif!   -kess-meet-emmetkon

I hate Boeing: W-AIRbus   -Charlov

Means of travel: W-AIRplane   -Charlov

Computer parts: Hard w'air   -Wlooo

Little lamb: W'air oor   -balhorsi

What a Cellular: W'air malla cellul-aiiir   -The one and only G

Adidas & Nike: Sports W'air  -Wlooo

Capital of Argentina: Buenos W'Aires   -Wlooo

Weyn seken: w'air do u live ?   - Gharmouleh

Flying on Air Malta: W-Air, msaifer 3a AIR Malta   -Barubba

AF11 : w'air fikoun wa7ad wa7ad   -nick name

When you have to say w'air while keeping a low-profile: w'airecognize... w'airefuse...w'airesist   -Beejay

(British PM) Tony Blair: Tony Bel-w'air    -Mo

Armenian W'air: W'Kiss   -abu Steif

Rape: W'air Force   -Abteen

Need Viagra? : Hard W'air Crash    -Abteen

Bill Gates: Soft W'air   -Abteen

They fucked you: W'airteenak   -kar


BMW : W'air...Bala Manyakeh Wla !   -Cheers

Thank You: M'airci elkoun   -Em 3aj'ah

Dude w'air is car? : w'air shoo shrebna!!   -hadi

U want an argileh? : w'airgileh??   -neeckname

Best evening ever: Bira, loz akhdar, w'air-guileh   -LUNATIC

I need to travel: W'air France   -CHICHO (JEB)

Is there an air bag in ur car: w'airbag   -m'ayra

Got Milk !: W'air 3andak Haleeb   -BBD Otte el Otte

UPS or FedeX : W'airmail   -RanaB

Fuck you (n derzi style): woo-kayri fik    -spiky

I was forward, then backward: kenet 3am arrib W'AIRja3   -ayour

US Presidential Plane: W'air force one     -akbar manyak b montreal

Much shity Ads: W'airi bi Ass ad   -Elie C

What is the name of your cologne?: W'airmés Paris mon cheri  -bala maze7

Ma badde: w'aire fuse     -Janjoun

In the sky planes fly from all over the world (swiss air , air india , saudi airlines , air arabia , sirlankan airline , etc) w-air sou fi 2youra bil jaw    -GianCarlo Negaro

AW'air: Result of the merger of America West (AW) and Us Air     -Abteen

Majd nicolas rami:W'air majd neco las rami tfih!   -neyik el aniak maniak

WWF : Wlik W'air Fik (really angry)!!!!    -Aarbid

We're talking and tzakkaret chi: W'air-ecall, w'air-emember -sal

W'air in chat speak : w41R   -solid

1f U c4n r34D th15 th3N w'41r U n33d 2 g3T L41d d00d!    -solid

Led zeppelin,Deep Purple w'AIRosmith   -moulinexXx

there's a lady who s sure all that glitters is gold n she s buyin a stAIRway to heaven...hehe(w'air ana shou zakeh:P) (Led Zeppelin)  -moulinexXx

W'airemember zabritish army... moulinexXx

Did y'all know that "aniak maniak" likes to w'air pink???(w'air shou looti!!!) -moulinexXx

A lebanese way of saying waynak in english: W-air air u man?? -noun

W'airon maiden :) heavy metal -Thanks RamitallikcA

W'air do i start -Thanks misunderstood

Where is that fool : w'air is that mastoul :P -Thanks wair


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