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To W'air or Not to W'air ?(William Shakespeare)   -w-air.com

A W'air saying proves nothing (Voltaire)   -w-air.com

We have W'air to save ourselves from the truth(Friedrich Nietzsche)   -w-air.com

Tis my faith that every flow'air enjoys the air it breathes (William Wordsworth)   -w-air.com

Do not dwell in the past or dream of the future, concentrate your mind on the present W'air moment(Buddha)   -w-air.com

If I had only known, I would have been a W'air (Albert Einstien)   -w-air.com

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single W'air (Confucius)   -w-air.com

W'air is educated Insolence (Aristotle)   -w-air.com

W'air !! I had a dream... (Martin Luther King)   -Wlooo

Bill Clinton: W'air I did not have a sexual relationship with this woman   -DaBomb

That's one small w'air for a man, one giant W'AIR for mankind. (Neil Armstrong)   -sal

Other version: That's one small step for a w'air, one giant leap for w'air-kind. (Neil Armstrong) - sal

One may walk over the highest mountain one w'air at a time (John Wanamaker)   -patsy

Most people are about as happy as they make up their w'airs to be.-Abraham Lincoln   -patsy

Don't make use of another's w'air unless it has been leant to u.(Belgium proverb)   -patsy

Where there is a w'air there is a way   -LUNATIC

W'air if it meant to happen it will (Herm Albright)   -Zallouta

W'air minimum True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing (Socrat)   -Zallouta

A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of w'airs (Hugh Downs)   -patsy

Cowards have dreams, brave men have w'airs...   -patsy

All work and no play makes Jack a dull w'air...   -patsy

It takes 2 w'airs to tango   -patsy

Every w'air has a silver lining   -patsy

A w'air in the hand is worth two in the bush   -patsy

Always follow your heart ! bass w'air 3al alile take your brain with you    -Zallouta

W'air minimum it takes two people to lie ! one to lie and 1 to listen    -Zallouta

Learn the rules...w'air then break them    -Zallouta

I just realized! w'airr it's so lonley being free    -Zallouta

I am a killer,I kill people for money.....But because you are my friend, w'air! I'll kill you for nothing!    -Zallouta

What kind of people do they think we are (winston churchill) : w-airrrr we are lebanese..!!!   -GianCarlo Negaro

Every child is a w'air. The problem is how to remain a w'air once he grows up (Pablo Picasso) nbsp;  -patsy

(Kennedy in Berlin) Ich bin ein ayriner!   -Preak

At a Bar: ya air, jibleh 2aninet Whiskey w kebbeyeh, w fik 3an ayre (Ziad Rahbani)  -Preak

It's not the w'air...it's ur reaction to the w'air (Epictetus)    -patsy  

(Julius Ceasar, dying)W'air!!! Even you, Brutus!?   -Aarbid

A w'air a day keeps the doctor away   -Aarbid

Awladoukom laysou lakom....w'air(gebran khalil gebran)   -moulinexXx

Churchill : There is an iron w'air threatening Europe   -Aarbid

W-aire---fuse the American agreement (Michel el Murr) -  Al Mollah

To Be or Not To Be...W'air??? (Shakesp'air)  -Al Mollah

(Walid jounblat) after the syrians got out:"Mr. President, w-air illi yinta3ak." -neo

Shall i compare thee to a summer's w-air (William Shakespeare) -Thanks Zaflabout


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