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A guy walking around with an ugly shirt :" w'air chou mecheyeh"    -Thanks Dogg

A friend of yours with 2 babes : " w'air chou dabbour "   -Thanks Dogg

Someone who has a long piss: W'air shou Niagra falls?"   -Thanks Dogg

Don't worry about it, it is under control:" w'air ya man hot 2idek bi mai berdeh"             -Thanks Dogg

When someone is eating all the pistachio on the table:" w'air dou2 el fessto2 taibin "    -Thanks Dogg

Somebody is anoying you in the way he drives... W'air bel 7attak wara direction           -Thanks Einstein

Pop by for a coffee! : W'air mayyil shrab ahweh!     -Thanks 'F from Paris'

When u luck is bad:W'air 7azzi mish bi tizi      -Thanks HIndi

When u see an ugly person: W'airleik sheklo shu mu2eiar     -Thanks HIndi

Too many explosions:w'air be hal balad     -Thanks Hakkha

Getten bad marks in uni"w-air bil sahar    -Thanks Hakkhak

Professor teaching a boring material: W'air sakar raseh.   -Thanks Hamzoti Farhatini

Getting a bad grade on your test:....W'air inteik el safastak taba3na hal semester..(Virginia Tech)    -Thanks Hamzoti Farhatini

After waking up late and running like a motha to classes Breathing hardly: W'airrrrrr inteik albi men el raked.. (Virginia Tech)    -Thanks Hamzoti Farhatini

Rading all these postings..W'air shu 3m ndayee3 wa2et   -Thanks Hamzoti Farhatini

Someone who does not understand his shit..W'air shu mokhaak nafed.   -Thanks Hamzoti Farhatini

Knowing that Dr.Atkins died from slipping by a piece of MEAT....W'air shu ironic           -Thanks Hamzoti Farhatini

When you dont feel like doing jack shit..W'air bele elo jledeh ya3meel shi hala2..(VT) -Thanks Hamzoti Farhatini

If you see someone taking your parking spot.Wair bele nafadak ya akhoo el sha....(Virginia Tech)    -Thanks Hamzoti Farhatini

when surfing the internet and Explorer freezes...W'air tallaat zibbo.(VT)     -Thanks Hamzoti Farhatini

When u see someone who sucks at driving and drive u nuts...W'air bele 3atak daftar el swe2a (VT) -Thanks Hamzoti Farhatini

When you see a hot chick: W'air mala hermeyeh.(VT)    -Thanks Hamzoti Farhatini

Sorry bass ana talabet batata bala katchup : w'air shou fi katchup    -Thanks Hicham

He's always in da mood: w'air shou bidal mabsout    -Thanks KinG8

When the queen of spades is played: W'air akalna elikha    -Thanks LeBaty

When high: W'air mallah trip man   -Thanks LeBaty

For sure: W-air shou minimum rayess    -Thanks LeBaty

When friends don't feel like going out: w'air fikon shou sayrin 3al 'iyere    -Thanks LeBaty

Smart Guy : W'air shu zakeh hal sabe    -Thanks MaTrIx

Cold Beer : W'airrrr shu msa23a el beera  -Thanks MaTrIx

Please come in ! : W-air netk tfadal 3al salon.    -Thanks Maroo

Man hugging a woman:w'airrrr bil teddy bear yalli shtraytili yeh 3al 3id.    -Thanks Marvin The Martian

Tnein bissahl l hirmil 3am bi7ashisho...awal wa7ad a5ad shaftein fatal mou55o, l'teni dallo yda5in la ghabit l shamiss...2allo l 2awal: W'airrr 3tina dor -Thanks Marvin The Martian

Wi7deh meshieh bil sheri3 wbizza mdandal barrat l 2amiss shefa chauffeur w 2al: lah lah lah madam tfarrajeh bizzik ma bissir hayk...2alit: w'air nssit 2ibneh bil bus. -Thanks Marvin The Martian

W'airon maiden :) heavy metal    -Thanks RamitallikcA

When u wake up in the morning! and look in the mirror at ur self!!/0x0au should say: W'air bi chakleih chou m2ayyar!    -Thanks Reffo!

W AIR 3am bitchatteh b PARIS sorna bi juillet    -Thanks SOUSE

When u re talking to an idiot:/0x0aW AIR fi 3alam woslit 3al 2amar lik inta wine ba3dak
ti2 ti2 ti2 -Thanks SOUSE

Waiting for someone: W AIR HIZZA    -Thanks SOUSE

About us happy with 'the W-air site': W'AIR b lebnine malla cha3ib    -Thanks SOUSE

A Ferrari passed by u: W'air shou ma3o masareh!   -Thanks Thegame

Someone who farted :w'air shou 2ekil Jardonnn!!!   -Thanks Thegame

It was a tough day: W'air mala nhar -Thanks Thegame

What a hot chick: W'air mala makhlou2a -Thanks Thegame

Shall i compare thee to a summer's w-air (William Shakespeare) -Thanks Zaflabout

Bad political situation : w-air bi ikhto hall balad -Thanks abou ttouff

He looks like a lazy boy: w air mitil el kiss elli ekil latche -Thanks banout

My friend is going 2 canada tomorrow: w air rah yfadil hadan bi lebnen? -Thanks banout

My car doesnt work good: w air mbeirh zabbata -Thanks banout

I have bad connection: w air bihal connection chou bati2a -Thanks banout

A sexy lady passed. W'air shou tayby! -Thanks dany

I did wrong : w air tghalbatet -Thanks dede_lb

W'air do i start -Thanks misunderstood

U have a bad grade on the "carnet":w'air wala scientific wala man ya7zanoun!! -Thanks moulinexXx

U get a hard n long essay topic to write bout:w'air shou sheyefneh dactilo?!?! -Thanks moulinexXx

In most james bond movies...the hero never dies n never runs out of ammo:w'air malla makanet khartouch!! -Thanks moulinexXx

Mission impossible:w'air ma b7ayeta bet koun impossible!! -Thanks moulinexXx

Ur playin against a soccer team of professionals:w'air 3emloulna ZAZA!! -Thanks moulinexXx

Fat goalkeeper:w'air wen ra7 l goal ???:S -Thanks moulinexXx

Thin goalkeeper:w'air wen ra7 l golar??:P -Thanks moulinexXx

Speed bumps:w'air roller coaster ride be balesh!!! -Thanks moulinexXx

Mayy 3al cou3:lah lah lah...W'AIR!!!*za77atet l siyyara w saffet bel wedeh* -Thanks moulinexXx

A crazy young driver:w'air boukra betle2i m3alla2 bel 3emoud w sourto ta7to!*RIP* -Thanks moulinexXx

Crazy young driver(part 2):w'air boukra bisiro y2oulo de3ano ken shab...LAN NANSAK!!*RIP* LOL -Thanks moulinexXx

Lonely..mister lonely...:w'air 7ada yelksho la hal zalameh ...7ARAM!! -Thanks moulinexXx

U get sumthin crunchy in ur soup:W'AIR SARSOUR!!! -Thanks moulinexXx

Worried wat to wear to a dinner at crepaway:W'AIR COME AS YOU ARE!!! -Thanks moulinexXx

When u're in front of ur boss: w-aiiirrrr... lawou bi wa2if falsafe w mawa3iz :S -Thansk noun

The min after a blast: w-aiiirrr..... badna nnem :S -Thansk noun

Eddem ensen ktiiirrr bakhillll: w-airr ya man! hawwiyoun shouweyyyy farjiyoun el shamess -Thansk noun

That's what the boss is saying when u're in front of him: w-aiirrrrr... men wen allah m7addine fi??? -Thansk noun

Dawriyye bi 2alb nights monot: w-airrrr neko sitt mit emmna -Thanks sSs

This site is awesome: w-ayre bi kello chou mahdoum -Thanks sSs

what's on lunch? A: w-air mtabbal w 2youra mtoffeye b7amoud. -Thanks sSs

You just got out of an exam you did very well ==%3E W'air nikto lal fahes! nikto! -Thanks

Man your annoying: W'air ma 2aznakhak! -Thanks tarek

when you get a lot of calls on your phone: w'air chou el bet el abyad!? -Thanks 'w'air daroure ta3erfo min!'

Some1 very annoying:w'air chou 3elke -Thanks 'w'air daroure ta3erfo min!'

Hayfa wehbe: w'air malla makhlou2a -Thanks 'w'air daroure ta3erfo min!'

where is that fool : w'air is that mastoul :P -Thanks wair

You see a politician you dont like on tv: w'air bel zammettak belle3it air -Thanks 'w'air daroure ta3erfo min!'

When someone keeps on bumping to you: W'air shoo tale3le bil lotto! -Thanks za3eem

If u go to the beach and u will took a bronzage when u will retern u will say:"w'air 7alebet el shamess" -Thanks ~***joy***~

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