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Best of Movie Quotes:  

W'air You talkin to Me!? -Robert DeNiro (Taxi Driver)   - W-air.com 

My father made him an offer he coudn't W'air-efuse Al Pacino (The Godfather)   -W-air.com 

May the W'air be with You! Yoda (Star Wars)   -W-air.com 

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Carpe per diem - seize the W'air Robin Williams (Dead Poets Society)   -W-air.com 

Run, Forest...Run (Forest Gump): w'air rkod!   -sal

My name is Maximus,loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus W'airillius. (Gladiator)   -sal

The w'air is out there (The X-Files)   -sal

W'air...I'll be back (Arnold Schwarzenegger - Terminator)   --sal

S.L.Chee : W'air wen teta rozana?   -Baz

Lebanese Juliette: Romeo Oh Romeo W'air fore art thou Romeo?   -dakhilo

Lebanese Romeo:W'air lesh ma talfanet 2abel il sharmouta?   -dakhilo

My momma always says life is like a box of w'airs, you never know what your gonna get.    -(Forest Gump)

W'air aratouleh My preciousss (Gollum from Lord of the Rings)   -sal

Neo is the chosen W'air (Matrix)   -LUNATIC

In STAR WAR, when you see darth vader: W air!!   -zingoflyne

They may take our w'air but they'll never take our FREEDOM !!!! (Braveheart)   -LUNATIC

There is no w'air! (The Matrix)     -Preak

There can only be one W'air (Highlander)  -gadget

Its better to have had w'air and lost it, then to never have it at all (Matrix)   -mini preak

(original sin) w'air abl el nom...w'air ba3d l nom...w'air 3al terwi2a...w'air kel di2a...w nikeh ya angelina...wen ba3d fi nom   -moulinexXx

(matrix) neo dodgin bullets:w'air w'air w'air w'air....rou2lak la7za   -moulinexXx

The chosen one:w'air w'air w'air....(kung pao:enter the fist)hehe   -moulinexXx

BASIC INSTINCT: w'air bi ottik ma atyabik ya sharon stone, mech ma32oul ma 3am saddi2 w'ayeeeeer!   -SISSO

W'air could everyone stop getting Shot !" (Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels) -Borris Da Butcher

Luke, dont be tempted by the Dark Side of the W'air : use a condom (Star Wars) -Aarbid

Wizard of Oz:"Some W'air over the rainbow"   -Dogg

Someone who keeps getting shot at in a movie and never dies: "W'air.. Shou Ramboo?"    -Saroukh El Nikte

At the end of titanic: w-airr ya rose.. sfi2e baleghme    -noun

In most james bond movies...the hero never dies n never runs out of ammo:w'air malla makanet khartouch!!   -Thanks moulinexXx

Mission impossible:w'air ma b7ayeta bet koun impossible!!   -Thanks moulinexXx


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