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Best of May 2005:

When laughing really hard: w-air LOL w-air... -libnani

A srilankan worker goes to egyptian desert 'n says: w'air,mister ana no kanness kello heyda...hehe   -moulinexXx

Iza 7ada bye2ta3ak inta w 3am te7ki: w'air shu sheyefne autostrade!     -Aniak Maniak

Russian whores: W'air mustawrad!   -Aniak Maniak

Thinking of traveling abroad: W'air, 3andeh bass passport Lebneneh   -Al Mollah

Someone hitting someone else: w-air nasse esmo!   -Aniak Maniak

(Julius Ceasar, dying)W'air!!! Even you, Brutus!?   -Aarbid

Someone killed in counter strike:w'air wen?min?shou sar?
alloooo...   -moulinexXx

WWF : Wlik W'air Fik (really angry)!!!! -Aarbid

First kiss:w'air shou hoover!?! - 2abbout

I really need to drink Red Bull! W'air shi torr a7mar yerda3leik. -'as'al shi

2 7amasneh read a sign on the road "DISNEYLAND LEFT" : W'air we are too late! -LUNATIC

Haven't visited this site for 3 weeks! : W'air leik malla nasweh!  -LUNATIC

This is taking too long: w2aaair shou yakhneh?  -abou farshoukh

Thats enough : w'air shou lal shaba3???   -albzzz

Ur mum is a good coocker! w air bi emmak chou chatra bil tabekh -  banout

If u wanna brake up with a guy:"lets just be friends" U ACTUALLY MEAN BY THAT "w'air fik iza btenta2.. maba2 badde yeek"   -dah cat-woman

Hahaaha: w2air shou mnee7a   -dah cat-woman

A very old teacher comes to class: w'air chou tal3a min kteib l terikh?  -kooky

The teacher said "min bya3ref chou ye3ne paradoxale?" : w'air chou dawa sa3le   -kooky

When you have enough with laughing: w-air sar ma3e tachanouj bi teme min l dohek... -minnie

A father finds his daughter making sex: "w-air, ba3id na2sik cigara".   -neo

while passing through tunnel chikka: W-air ba3ed ma kholis???!!??   -noun

when you have to buy drinks for everybody: w-air shoo mfakkreeny bank?   -sal

For geeks (this is real & no i dont understand a word of it:p) - WAIR is a very small plugin which uses Amazon's webservices to fetch information about a single book. -solid

Hot latin woman "yo te quiero ahora - te quiero - yo soy muy kaliente" .. ME: 
"w-air i wish i speak spanish"!   -solid

(Part II) Hot latin woman "yo te quiero ahora - te quiero - yo soy muy kaliente" .. Me : "W-air ANA KAMEN bass keef baddy fahmek??!!"  -solid

W-air in chat speak: w41R  -solid

She is too hairy:W'air... shou mazra3a?? -zxy

@ 5 o'clock in front of mono's parkings: W-aaaaaiiirrrrrrrr sakkar :S   -noun

U hear someone sayin:w'air sabouneh!!!!u rush to him to see wat happened to him n he says:w'air bedde sabouneh lal 7emmem...u say:w'air fik fazza3tna... -moulinexXx

Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple  w'AIRosmith - moulinexXx

W'air could everyone stop getting Shot !" (Lock Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels) -Borris Da Butcher

if someone new visits this site:w'air kent mfakkar 7aleh aniak wa7ad!!! -moulinexXx

When somebody rreeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaalllllllyyyyyyyyy fat shows: w-air eja el rond-point :D -noun

Somebody sneezing next to u: W-aiirrr!! tartashtna ya man.. -noun

When somebody keeps on asking the same question: w-aaaiiirrr shou bomdilak wasel?? -noun

When the temperature is very hot hot: "W-air, shou Angola?" -neo

When you really love something - I love it ou airrrrrrrrr! -Deejiuana

When Liverpool is playing late at night: w-air!! sa2atna boukra bel fa7ess!!        -Richy


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