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Best of June 2005:

When you learn that you need a reservation to enter some beaches: W-air shou sorna bi Monot???    -Al Mollah

Trust me Don't worry about it: W'air chou 3am nel3ab?   -Boula8

Stop honking:" w'aiiir kol khara"   -Dogg

What u DOing? : w'air ma 3melna shi   -Ghost

Hairdesser: W'air Bi Hadis el Neswen  -LEA LEATTY

When am working (Hospital) and a Guy us dead after CPR: W'air fotes el Zalme  -LEA LEATTY

When am working (Hospital): W'air Nezel Daghto  -LEA LEATTY

A person reading this W'air expression: W'air shou beykha..   -LeBaty

Nice Eyes : W'air Ma Ajmal 3younik   -MaTrIx

Lets Dance : W'air Yalla Ner2os   -MaTrIx

Fight : W'air Malla Mashkal   -MaTrIx

When you try your old pants and it doesn't fit you : W'air sar badda sport  -Mar

When someone is upset with you : khalas wlo W-air sho ma bte7mol maze7 -Mar

when u go to the barber to have a hair cut :W'air sheelo 3al zero  -Mar

It's on me man : w'air khaleeha 3alaina wloo   -Mar

Someone who is dancing in BO18 like crazy: W'air shou mfakkar halo Michael Jackson   -Saroukh El Nikte

Someone who has a large head and a skinny body:" W'air ya zalame haram lek malla Arguileh"   -Saroukh El Nikte

When someone is just standing there msattal and not saying anything:" W'air fike shou Boumeh??"   -Saroukh El Nikte

Someone who has a long piss: W'air shou Niagra falls?"   -Saroukh El Nikte

Someone who cant seem to understand what is happening around him:"W'air shou rasso battikha?"   -Saroukh El Nikte

Someone who is trying to swallow his drink really fast:" W'air shou shalimonee?" -Saroukh El Nikte

When you say a joke to someone and he doesnt get it: "W'air malla train"           -Saroukh El Nikte

When a sexy girl passes by : "W'air shou kharja pigeonee"  -Saroukh El Nikte

Someone who keeps getting shot at in a movie and never dies: "W'air.. Shou Ramboo?"   -Saroukh El Nikte

If u want breakfast in bed.... w-air sleep in the kitchen -Zallouta

When your friend IM's you on MSN while you're chatting with a hot babe : W-AIR mish fadylak ya air *close window*   -solid

He's been in the bathroom for 1 hour : w air shou ekil ?  -zerocool


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