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Best of July 2005:

Did u vote?: W'air!! Zayy ma hiyye!!   -Thanks Ahlein77

When someone keeps on bumping to you: W'air shoo tale3le bil lotto!   -Thanks za3eem

A discussion bringing out historical references: "W-Air bidkon traj3ouna lal wi7da sittoun"   -Thanks Ayyour al-kabeer

Someone who has a long piss: W'air shou Niagra falls?" -Thanks Dogg

Don't worry about it, it is under control:" w'air ya man hot 2idek bi mai berdeh"   -Thanks Dogg

Somebody is anoying you in the way he drives... W'air bel 7attak wara direction   -Thanks Einstein

Pop by for a coffee! : W'air mayyil shrab ahweh!             -Thanks 'F from Paris'

Getting a bad grade on your test:....W'air inteik el safastak taba3na hal semester..(Virginia Tech)              -Thanks Hamzoti Farhatini

If you see someone taking your parking spot.Wair bele nafadak ya akhoo el sha....(Virginia Tech)      -Thanks Hamzoti Farhatini

When friends don't feel like going out: w'air fikon shou sayrin 3al 'iyere               -Thanks LeBaty

Please come in ! : W-air netk tfadal 3al salon.    -Thanks Maroo

W'airon maiden :) heavy metal    -Thanks RamitallikcA

A Ferrari passed by u: W'air shou ma3o masareh!   -Thanks Thegame

Someone who farted :w'air shou 2ekil Jardonnn!!! -Thanks Thegame

Shall i compare thee to a summer's w-air (William Shakespeare)   -Thanks Zaflabout

My friend is going 2 canada tomorrow: w air rah yfadil hadan bi lebnen?   -Thanks banout

My car doesnt work good: w air mbeirh zabbata    -Thanks banout

I did wrong : w air tghalbatet    -Thanks dede_lb

U have a bad grade on the "carnet":w'air wala scientific wala man ya7zanoun!!    -Thanks moulinexXx

U get a hard n long essay topic to write bout:w'air shou sheyefneh dactilo?!?!     -Thanks moulinexXx

Fat goalkeeper:w'air wen ra7 l goal ???:S     -Thanks moulinexXx

Mayy 3al cou3:lah lah lah...W'AIR!!!*za77atet l siyyara w saffet bel wedeh*           -Thanks moulinexXx

U get sumthin crunchy in ur soup:W'AIR SARSOUR!!!    -Thanks moulinexXx

When u're in front of ur boss: w-aiiirrrr... lawou bi wa2if falsafe w mawa3iz :S       -Thansk noun

The min after a blast: w-aiiirrr..... badna nnem :S   -Thanks noun

Eddem ensen ktiiirrr bakhillll: w-airr ya man! hawwiyoun shouweyyyy farjiyoun el shamess   -Thanks noun

what's on lunch? A: w-air mtabbal w 2youra mtoffeye b7amoud.    -Thanks sSs

Man your annoying: W'air ma 2aznakhak!    -Thanks tarek

when you get a lot of calls on your phone: w'air chou el bet el abyad!?                -Thanks 'w'air daroure ta3erfo min!'

Some1 very annoying:w'air chou 3elke     -Thanks 'w'air daroure ta3erfo min!'

Hayfa wehbe: w'air malla makhlou2a     -Thanks 'w'air daroure ta3erfo min!'


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