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Best of Food 'N Dink:  

I really need to drink Red Bull! W'air shi torr a7mar yerda3leik.   -'as'al shi

Waiting too long for your meat: w-air shou 3am byedba7o lba2ra 7alel -   3omz

When buying a greasy shawarma sandwich: W'air shou ra7 tinsad sharayeeni!   -W'air in the World

Students eating in class : w'aiiiir fta7o la trou7 ri7it l 2ale    -kooky

Ur drunk: W'aiiiir bil machroub 3akrout!! -  sal

when you have to buy drinks for everybody: w-air shoo mfakkreeny bank?    -sal

Japanese pussy : W-air atyab min el sushi... -solid

I'm not hungry anymore : w'air enfatamna -   sabe3 el borombo

I had too much to drink : W'AIR ra7 bi2 msareeneh!   -dakhilo

You're not hungry?? : Mannak jou3an? W'air kelna mkhawwrin! - Chabel

I am so hungry: W'air mayet jou3!!!   - Dogg

I am thirsty: W'air sar beddah shi kes 3arak   -abu 7askeh

I am hungry: W'air sar beddah she sa7en hommus mdammas!   -abu 7askeh

You are so digestible: W'air ma ahdamak   -DICK

I need more ice: W'air Kather min al ice !   -KMI International

Where's the spoon?! : w'air bchou b7arrik, be ayreeee?!?!?! -El Sushi

Bad Bartender: W'airi bhal drink... -Stigma

I want a Lebanese sandwich: W'air beddeh shi sondweesh Batata ma3 toom -Cheers 

Lebanese Cake: Gateau au Chocolat a la W'air -Cheers 

I'm tipsy: W'air zahzahet 3ala kesse n -Chummy

I hate tomatoes: W'air... ma 2eltilak sondweech kafta bala banadoura!!!! -CoCo

This steak tastes bad: W'air fee Ketchup? -smokin

This coffee is expensive: W'air be Starbucks! -Baz

Stop eating:w'air shu lal shaba3 -nouda

U want an argileh? : w'airgileh?? -neeckname

When a waiter brings a scotch: W'air giblak shee sa7en jazzar wo hamod! -squeezer

Warm beer : w'air bhal beera -ayour

Lemon : wair hamda -overtime

I'm constantly eating: w'air fi doodi biba6ni -akbar manyak b montreal

Who ate all the chocolate?: W'air meen akeleh kel el Chocolata? -misstaketleh

Eating Sushi: W'air nayine man -A & Z

Pampa commercial: Shou?! Nbasatet? Jean-Luc: W'air htara2eeet! -LUNATIC

The sandwich is cold: w'air ma 3andak microwave? - solid

Best evening ever: Bira, loz akhdar, w'air-guileh -LUNATIC

To some1 who eats a lot: W'air 7ott shi btimmak! -LUNATIC

Stop Eating! : W-air feek sho khanzeer -w-air

When your Milkshake is late: W'air shou 3am te7elbo el ba2ra halla2? -LUNATIC

The salt is not enough: w'air badda mele7! -Zagorakis

Feed ME!: W'air baddeh ekol !! w'air ta3mouneh -w aiiiiiiiiiiiiiir

Got Milk !: W'air 3andak Haleeb -BBD Otte el Otte

I dropped my coffe: W'air -ATARI

At lunch: w air w air w air !!!! na2atna 3ala el gravat     -GianCarlo Negaro

The beer is hot: W'air chou bawl jmel?!!     -Ahla ...

I ate the rest. w'air kholsit el mjadra ?     -Me

If someone is eating too much out of ur plate:w'AIr!!!shou...3am bet3eddon?? -moulinexXx

U wana eat out of someone's fries in bk:w'AIr ya man heydeh l 7abbeh nez3a l decor!!!hehe(it really works!) -moulinexXx

After having a good meal: W-aiiirrrr!!! 3ala shi cigara halla2 ;)   -noun

If u want breakfast in bed: w-air sleep in the kitchen   -Zallouta

He's been in the bathroom for 1 hour : w air shou ekil ?   -zerocool

When someone is eating all the pistachio on the table:" w'air dou2 el fessto2 taibin "    -Thanks Dogg

Pop by for a coffee! : W'air mayyil shrab ahweh!    -Thanks 'F from Paris'

Knowing that Dr.Atkins died from slipping by a piece of MEAT....W'air shu ironic -Thanks Hamzoti Farhatini

Sorry bass ana talabet batata bala katchup : w'air shou fi katchup    -Thanks Hicham

Cold Beer : W'airrrr shu msa23a el beera   -Thanks MaTrIx

U get sumthin crunchy in ur soup:W'AIR SARSOUR!!!   -Thanks moulinexXx

What's on lunch? A: w-air mtabbal w 2youra mtoffeye b7amoud.    -Thanks sSs


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