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Archive List 9:

Leave me alone: w'air 7ellou 3an rabbi      -zoubra

(Pour les parisiens) Mais ca va pas, NON!!! : W'air,chou bala zo2     -peejay - from Paris

W'air we've been waiting for so long: Sarlna zamen natreen hek site 3al Air     -Jo

I failed my courses: w'air bil hal jem3a        -Thorn

(un Parisien) Putain conard :W-air bzla3imak shou zabr      -Tino

Im gonna kick ur bute: w'air baddi nick 7arimak      -xxcx

Fuck you all one by one : w'air feekoun wahad wahad      -samoura

Little lamb: W'air oor     -balhorsi

(when riding in a public van which probably (always actually) turns on "ALI AL DEEK" SongS!!):W-AiRy Billi 3allamkon il zo2!    -fReNzY

Look he is pumping his tire... W'air mesh 3aref eno m3ayar      -w0ndering

All the expressions are taken: w'air killon ma2khoudin     -koko

Lemon : wair hamda    -overtime

My In-laws are here: W'air bi hayeti!    -dakhilo

I haven't finished yet!: W'air are you going??    -dakhilo

Who do I have to bang to get in the Hall Of Fame?:W'air ma3 min lezzem intek ta itla3 bil Hall Of Fame?    -dakhilo

Lebanese Juliette: Romeo Oh Romeo W'air fore art thou Romeo?    -dakhilo

Lebanese Romeo:W'air lesh ma talfanet 2abel il sharmouta?    -dakhilo

How nice she is : W'air chou kharej    -tagasi

I like it!: W'air bet 3akked!    -ltwoody

You have not been asking about me: W'air w'lenno missed call!    -ltwoody

That's enough: W'air shou bonboneh?    -ltwoody

You're full of it!: W'air shou fay'il!    -ltwoody

Stop honking!: W'air... la7za!    -ltwoody

I do not care about your opinion: W'air min sa2alak inta?    -ltwoody

I was not talking about you: W'air min da3as 3a danabak?    -ltwoody

Come on! just this once!: W'air! kermeleh walaw!    -ltwoody

Unhappy with current situation: Wair bhal 7aleh    -unknown

We miss seeing you around: Wair, wlak 3aesh meen shaefak    -unknown

It's raining cats and dogs: W'air ghri2na!!    -unknown

Something in the air: W'air    -EliazTheOne

Come on! just this once!: W'air! kermeleh walaw!    -ltwoody

U're ugly: w'airy bi shaklak    -ak22

Fuck off:Wair 3enta7ak    -Scorpio

Shut up : W'air b ni3ak    -Eliox

Shut the fuck UP : w'air b ekhet set mit harimak chu btehke    -Eliox

w'air: w'air...akh ya tize akh    -HJ

Unemployed: w`air mafi cheghal    -mak

Black out: W'air at3it    -dark

Hi: w'air wleik keefak!    -joe

You go to dubai: w'air bil masari shu bta3mil    -akbar manyak b montreal

I'm constantly eating: w'air fi doodi biba6ni    -akbar manyak b montreal

Nice ass: w'air teeza kharj fle7a    -akbar manyak b montreal

Where r u ?:wainak w air    -elio

Ur hair sucks man : w`air fik shu metkhana2 ma3 l7ela2    -hamLet - Jouj

Asshole: W'air beteezak    -unknown

He gets a high position at his work:W'air cho baydato kbar!    -Ace

He got the highest grade in class !: W'air shu zaki    -Bug

Where are you?we are wayting for you=W'AIR waynak !W'AIR billi 3emelak yeha natrinak    -Hajj-cool

What are you loocking for:W'AIR 3achou 3am tdawir    -Hajj-cool

Take care man:W'AIR ntibih la 7alak man    -Hajj-cool

Hey!! Look behind you: W'AIR TALLA3 WARAK     -Hajj-cool

What the are you fucking?: W'AIR chu 3am tnik?     -Hajj-cool

This sucks: w'air bi hel cheghle!!!!!!!!!    -zozott

The situation got fucked up: W'air Nayakit     -n.g...

I love doom metal: w'air bil doom metal chou hilo    -chaosgod

After a spending a shitty evening at a club: w'air ya man rje3na 3a siyyartel'air ba3ed sahret ll air     -toooooonzzzzz

Fuck your conscience :w'air bi damirak    -ba3l zaboub

what a gay : w'air shou loutios    -bee and bouuu

Its cold here:w'air jaladna!    -hagee antounz

Fuck you (n derzi style): woo-kayri fik    -spiky

What a Cellular: W'air malla cellul-aiiir    -The one and only G

ohhhhhhhh!!!: w-aiiir!!!    -madgea

What a stupid guy: w'air chou hal air hayda    -madgea

Why tou dont show my submited expression: W-air chou bekon ma 3am bethotto te3li2atteh!!    -Wessikh

Can't u see properly?: W'air be3yoonak    -CrownTaj

69: w'air malla ra2em!!!!!!!!!    -KaMiKh

What a joke: w'air malla nekte..    -KaMiKh

1 week without bombs: w'air, 2awlak behon shi?    -KaMiKh

{Lemon : wair hamda -overtime}: w'air he stole my expression    -KaMiKh

this site is very popular: w'air 2ashhar men haifa    -KaMiKh

When saying w'air doesn't express enough: W'Zaber!!!!!    -LEA LEATTY

Fucked up Situation: W'air ntakna    -LEA LEATTY

No Kidding: W'air 7ell 3an Ayri    -LEA LEATTY

When you see a Ferrari: W'air bi 7ayeteh!    -LUNATIC

When some1 is wearing thick glasses: W'air shou lebiss ka3eb el annineh?    -LUNATIC

Some1 repeating the same joke over & over again: W'air 7alabta lal nikteh!     -LUNATIC

When ur boss asks u to do many things altogether: W'air shou aloulak 3anneh akhtabout?!     -LUNATIC

Lebanese version of the Nike commercial: Malla Naikeh, w'Air Khallesna! (Just do it!)    -Super'air

I wish u werent born: w'air bil bazzarak    -mazramjul

Who ate all the chocolate?: W'air meen akeleh kel el Chocolata? -misstaketleh

Stop Lying: W'air haj tyayir Fyouleh!    -tricky B

The admin at w-air website havent posted my w'air expression! : inno w 'air ! shu nater ? -Zagorakis

Run, Forest...Run (Forest Gump):  w'air rkod!    -sal

My name is Maximus,loyal servant to the true emperor, Marcus W'airillius. (Gladiator) -sal

If I am w'air, which I highly doubt, I have made myself w'air by hard work. (Sir Isaac Newton).   -sal

The w'air is out there (The X-Files)   -sal

W'air...I'll be back (Arnold Schwarzenegger - Terminator)  ---sal

Famous sayings: it aint over until the fat w'air sings     -sal

My momma always says life is like a box of w'airs, you never know what your gonna get. (Forest Gump)     -sal

29630 visitor: w'air min jom3a keno 13000!!     -sal

I dont think i can finish the marathon: w'air bil dekhan     -sal

W'air aratouleh My preciousss (Gollum from Lord of the Rings)     -sal

Where's the bathroom?: w'air ijt el-kheryé!    -sal

The summer is almost here: w'air fetna 3al gym?    -sal

Watch that car!!: w'air billé 3allamak swa2a    -sal

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