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Archive List 10:

Juventus 0 Liverpool 0: W'AIR t2ahhalna 3al semi-final    -sal

Eh, hal fumée min el-sherké: w'air, edda7akna 3al daraké    -sak

Fucked up to such an extent: chi m ayar la daraji    -chi m ayar

A nerd....w'air 3abbeed drasi!     -akbar manyak b montreal

A Star academy contestant....w'air sawto mitl w'airi...   -akbar manyak b montreal

I got 99 w'airs and you aint one    -akbar manyak b montreal

Hall of Fame: w'air ba3d baddi kteer taseer in the top of the hall of fame list   -akbar manyak b montreal

Fat chick, small guy having sex: Is it in yet??! euuuuu.... Lah w'air, khedeh nafas! (w'air, wein da3???)    -LUNATIC

very sleepy and online late at night:w'air ra7 rayyel 3al keyboard!   -zee

what are u doing: w air chou 3am bta3moul   -juna

You buy something that doesnt work....w'air 6ul3it bdha3a suriyyi   -akbar manyak b montreal

You come out of a thermodynamics exam.... w'air shu sar???   -akbar manyak b montreal

when being put down by someone,and you have no reply..just comment: w'air kabss   - MAKBOOS

Michael Shcumacher....w'air akal hawa hal season   -akbar manyak b montreal

I have a problem remembering ur name would u remmind me plz ?: w'air neset esmak fiyeh 3ayyetlak m'ayyar ?    -Zallouta

Still can't think of anything: w'air bil research, ma stafadna shee    -sal

someone unliked showing up: w'air akalna al banana    -hanna al sarih

WOW look at this pretty girl : w'air lek malla tiz     -Zallouta

when some1 is really rich : w'air chou 3am tchekh khamesmiyyet (500L.L)    -Zallouta

She's a beauty: W'air shou kharj farsheh    -Yoyo

She's a knock-out: W'air byen3amalla waa7ad   -Yoyo

Can't think of anything to post: w'air sar bedda research el-2ossa    -sal

What an accident!: w'air intek ikht el-BM   -sal

Enough is enough: W'air, shou bon-bonéh   -Yoyo

Let's go enjoy the day: macho netnacha2 ree7et el wroud w'air na2eh   -Gharmouleh

Perverted,retarded,gay reporter:w'air ! we are on air !     -Gharmouleh

A guy replies to his horny gf: w'air ! walaw ! aireh kello 2elik    -Gharmouleh

You lost?? W'air khsert    -anthony

Dam this day: w air bi zaber farkouh mentak harim 3ared hal nhar -Nadim and steph and Joe

Welcome: W´air ahlen!   -Prayer

Thank you: W´air lashu m3azzab?   -Prayer

I can´t see!: W´AIR MISH ESHI3!   -Prayer

Allow 2-3 days for expressions to be posted!: W´AIR YAWMEN AW TLETE BASS! - -Prayer

Lets submit another voice!: W´AIR YALLA BA3ED MARRA!   -Prayer

I´m upstairs!: W´AIR ANA FO2!   -Prayer

I´m leaving!:W´AIR ANA FELIL!   -Prayer

It´s ok: W´air mish mishikle   -Prayer

You meet a girl called khadeeji....w'air shu 6abkha!   -akbar manyak b montreal

You're talking to a Moroccan....W'air shu 3am ytalbish!   -akbar manyak b montreal

Do you see the electricity post?sheyif 3amood 'lkahraba, w'air d7asho!   -akbar manyak b montreal

w'art gallery....w'air shu 6uli3 fi ayr places around the world   -akbar manyak b montreal

A guy speaking quebecois french:w'air meen 3allamak 'l7aki!!!   -akbar manyak b montreal

Its the first time you have sex:w'airrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr   -akbar manyak b montreal

I really need to find entertainment other than this site! : W'air badel ma koun sehran shi ma7al   -dakhilo

I miss my classmates : W'air are they now?   -dakhilo

W air do u go my lovely: W'air Wayneek?    -zizo

When some1 gets angry very fast : W'air eza bala zakzakeh w heik!   -  Ahla...

You're such an idiot: W'Air yinta3ak shu 7mar    -walto

Talking about someone!! (W air fi shou kimikh wlo )      -GianCarlo Negaro

An expression u say every Sunday: W'air boukra sheghel!      -LUNATIC

I think i should tell u what people r saying behind ur back...: w'airr NICE ASS!!!     -Zallouta

A man is dying of cancer (Son Asks) Dad,why you keep telling people you are dying of AIDS???: (Dad Answers) W'AIR Chou ana Hmar. It is so when I'm Dead No one will dare to do your mom   -Zallouta what's the position to make ugly babies? w'air ask ur parents      -Zallouta

Good looking people r hard to find. That's why u don't ...... w'air That's y u don't see me often.     -Zallouta

At this moment 5 million are having sex, 2 million are in gun fights,91 milliom at a party: w'airr w nehna mich ekhedelna 3a2elna wlla el air     -Zallouta

(Kid)how do babies come into the world? (Dad)In the moonlight, an angel comes to leave a baby in mum's lap!: (Kid)w'airr U mean "fucking" is useless?!?    -Zallouta

w'air lek chou oppen minded ! ajwe2 mjannata ma3 fatha bel sa2eff   -Zallouta

NIKE JUST DO IT !: bass w'air mich eddem el 3alam   -Zallouta

To a dumb person : W'air chou mastool    -Ahla...

When some1 talks abt the speed of his car : W'air chou ferrari?!    -Ahla...

(Grandma)nem bakkir oum bakkir chouf el se7a kiff bet sir: (Grandson)w'air chou bnem ma3 el djejét   -peejay

If you need advice, text me... If you need a friend, call me... If you need me, come to me...If you need money...w'air rkab cha2leh ya3neh !    -Zallouta

Pickup line:w'airr I lost my number can i have urs   -Zallouta

Missed call : w air ya zalame mafi illa ma bidi2 missed call    -GianCarlo Negaro

What has over 100 teeth and holds back a monster? w'airr My zipper    -Zallouta

You think you're pretty smart? - Shou! w-airistoo (Aristotle)   -CrownTaj

I look at the stars, the stars r beautiful Then I look at you..I...I...w'air TFEH I rather look at the stars again   -Zallouta This is MAGIC !say zallouta zallouta zallouta 3 times U"ll become CUTE:irrr at ur AGE u stil believe in MAGIC? Shame on u    -Zallouta

(#NEWSFLASH#)Police r looking 4 someone described as Gorgeous, Sexy, Intelligent, Funny & Amazing in bed. You're safe - But W'AIRRR where the fuck am i gonna hide? - Zallouta

When the internet is disconnected : W'air n2ata3et l connection lm2ayra   -Ahla ...

Its hot: w'air taffilna hal air chaud!!    -avtcharka

Its raining:w'air ba3id 3anneh inta w 3am te7keh !   -avtcharka

Why are u mad?:w'air bitdalla m2ayra ma3ak!    -avtcharka

Silly: w'air shou zinikh       !_ B A S E M _!

can't be supported: w'air ma byinta'a       !_ B A S E M _!

I forgot :w'air nsit      !_ B A S E M _!

Shut up !: w'air skot       !_ B A S E M _!

It's so hard:w'air shou sa3b       !_ B A S E M _!

Dam it: W'airr!     -DIRANOS

It takes a woman to get pregnant only with one air, w-air lek shou hayneh    -Fou

Look for this Hottie girl: W'AIR Lek malla we7deh     - w - AIR

W'air the exit's closed!: W'air nzarabnah!     -wagapoo

It's raining cats and dogs!! :w-air lek malla shatweh tafit el dinneh      -GianCarlo Negaro

(Someone saw me checking and surfing this website!!! and asked) what's this ?! : (i replied) W-Air you dont know this website ??     -GianCarlo Negaro

If he's bothering u :w air nikna ba'a    -DAN^^

If he's not undestanding: w air shou bhim     DAN^^

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